Transforming Healthcare Laundry in the Upper Midwest

October 1, 2022

Introducing CITY Healthcare, a healthcare laundry service provider in the region and a division of CITY Laundering Company, established in 1906 in Oelwein, Iowa. With a proud fourth generation at the helm, CITY Healthcare is dedicated to elevating the healthcare laundry experience for clients in the UpperMidwest including, Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and the Fargo, NorthDakota area.

“We are always thinking of ways to enhance the customer experience. When it comes to healthcare laundry, everything we do has an direct impact on someone’s life and we don’t take that lightly,” Director of Communications Emily Hauber said. “Making sure each customer has what they need in the healthcare community is something we take great pride in.”

As a privately-owned and operated company, CITY Healthcare presents unique value propositions to its customers, including:

1) Hygienically Clean:

Emphasizing infection prevention, CITY's healthcare facilities adhere tostringent washing procedures, encompassing detergent formulas, temperaturecontrol, disinfection, pH extraction, as well as meticulous drying, finishing,inspections, and transportation.

2) Responsive Customer Service:

CITY healthcare employees take ownership of their roles, embodying the motto of being the most responsive launderer in the region. Customers are encouraged to directly communicate with their dedicated service representative, ensuring swift resolution of any issues or inquiries.

3) Full Range of Healthcare Products:

Offering a comprehensive selection of healthcare linens, uniforms, mats, towels, restroom supplies, and customized apparel, CITY Healthcare provides hassle-free service with tailored programs, creative solutions, and quick responsiveness to meet individual needs.

4) Full Range of Healthcare Products:

As a multi-generational, family company, CITY boasts over a century of experience, showcasing a profound understanding of the business and a genuine appreciation for customers. Solid relationships are the cornerstone of CITY's success, with generations trusting the company for uniforms, mats, custom apparel, restroom supplies, safety gear, and more.

5) Environmentally Focused:

CITY is committed to environmental sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices in every aspect of its operations. From solar energy and water recycling to advanced laundry techniques, CITY strives to be a leader in sustainable efficiency.

In a landscape dominated by large laundry corporations, CITY Healthcare distinguishes itself as the sole private, family-owned provider in the region, offering unparalleled healthcare laundry services. At CITY Healthcare, we not only take care of your laundry and service but, most importantly, we take care of people who need this essential service.

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