Beyond the Threads: CITY's Silent Force of Dedicated Individuals

February 12, 2024

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, where sanitized sheets and sterile coats are the visible symbols of a well-functioning system, there exists a silent force of dedicated individuals working diligently behind the scenes. CITY Healthcare, a leading healthcare laundry provider that goes beyond the conventional, transforming into a crucial partner in the healthcare industry.

CITY’s Director of Communications, Emily Hauber says "What makes us even 1% better, makes you 1% better."

This captures the essence of the CITY's operation – to go beyond being a mere laundry service and become an indispensable partner in the healthcare industry.

From the plant operations to our responsive customer service, CITY Healthcare Customer Care Manager explains how a healthcare facility needs a partner like CITY because without one could mean a lapse in patient care.

“As a Customer Care Manager, my primary duties are answering questions, resolving problems, and maintaining customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving resources," Christina Johnson said. “There have been numerous comments made to me on how thankful they [Our clients] are that we are so responsive to their needs, and how we make them feel like a valued customer. I’m confident they know that we will all do our best to find a solution to whatever our clients throw our way. The hard work that our entire staff puts in each day does not go unnoticed – it’s a group effort, and I am so, so thankful for their hard work.”

At CITY Healthcare, we recognize that behind every sanitized sheet and sterile coat, there are real people. Our belief is that the key to a successful laundry program lies in the harmonious blend of dedicated individuals and cutting-edge technology. Our hard-working production teams, coupled with our investments in technology and environmental sustainability, empower us to simplify our clients' day so they can focus on what is the most important, the care of people.

“Doing my job well means understanding that what I do every day makes a difference for someone in their time of need,” CITY Production Supervisor Margaret Leach said. “It feels good to know that the products we offer contribute to keeping patients safe and comfortable."

We know we are more than just a laundry provider; we understand the human touch that extends beyond linens. It's about care, commitment, and responsiveness.

"There’s a culture at CITY like no other. I want to come to work and perform at 150% every single day because I know I am part of a team, and I don’t want to let them down,” Christina said.

What sets CITY Healthcare apart is not just our commitment to cleanliness and efficiency but our dedication to simplifying our clients' lives. By allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best – taking care of people – CITY Healthcare becomes an invaluable partner in the intricate tapestry of the healthcare industry. When you look past the hygienically clean threads, CITY Healthcare is a partner that weaves together with their clients, creating a positive impact on the overall healthcare community.

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