CITY Healthcare Unveils New Brand

Emily Hauber
December 1, 2023

In 2022, CITY Healthcare marked the launch of its healthcaredivision with a strategic decision to give the healthcare brand a distinctivenew appearance.


Colin Wetlaufer, CITY President, emphasized the uniquecustomer focus required as a healthcare laundry provider and how that focus isslightly different than other CITY Laundering division.

"Healthcare is about people, it's about humans. Thereal customers are the ones lying on the sheets, undergoing procedures, havingbabies, staying for extended periods. We want patients to focus on healing, andwe want doctors to concentrate on their jobs. The last thing on anyone's mindshould be a tear in the linen or getting fresh sheets," Colin stated.

With the Healthcare division, CITY decided on building abrand around a purple sunrise. A purple sunrise is a powerful symbol of hope,and, and in the realm of healthcare, hope holds immense significance. Itembodies the optimism and possibilities that come with each moment.


The CITY healthcare brand serves as a beacon, guiding bothpatients, healthcare professionals, and the CITY team toward brighter outcomesand a better tomorrow.

“Providing a service like healthcare laundry is asignificant responsibility, and with each bed sheet or baby blanket we clean,that responsibility takes on even greater importance because at some point inour lives, everyone has relied on the healthcare community to be at its best,Emily Hauber, CITY’s Director of Communications said. “We understand thatbehind every linen we clean lies a story of someone in need. This deeper senseof responsibility motivates us each day to go beyond simply providing a laundryservice; we see ourselves as playing a role to the well-being of individualswho, like all of us, have depended on the excellence of the healthcarecommunity.”

While CITY's brand palette expands with more colors, thecommitment to being the region's most responsive launder remains at the core oftheir vision.

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