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CITY Advantage

The CITY Advantage

We take care of people.

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With CITY, you personally pick a program that meets your needs, and you will get hassle-free service with responsive solutions to make sure all needs are met.

We pride ourselves in being the laundering experts and we can use that experience to make your program completely customizable to your needs.

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The CITY Advantage

The advantages below are only made posible because CITY chooses to reinvest in employes, the latest technology, and its facilities.


The advantages below are only made possible because CITY chooses to reinvest in employees, the latest technology, and its facilities.

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The Clean Advantage

Hygienically Clean

In your unique situation with your specific goals, CITY understand the importance of having clean, quality goods in order to operate effectively.

With the motto of being the most responsive launderer in the region, you are encouraged to communicate directly with the representative who manages your account or contact their manager.

Empowering Our Fleets

Empowered Route Service Representatives

Our route service representative are trained to deliver the high quality products you need, on-time, with proactive serviceAs your direct line to CITY, they identify any potential issues, make sure you are satisfied and are empowered to fix any concerns directly with you on the spot.

Solutions Built For You

Customizable Service

At CITY, we have identified that one-size never fits all. We take pride in treating our customers as partners. Customizing a program is often about bringing in new ideas and exploring what’s possible.We sit down and spend as much time as needed to fully understand what it is you need to be able to be successful.

Responsiveness and reliability are really at the forefront of our business model. We're here for you. We're here to get you out of the linen business. That's our job to worry about that, not yours.

Christina Johnson | Customer Care Manager

Lets Start the Conversation

Our business starts with getting to know yours.